Kraig Love – First Responder

 Why I’m an Oak Run First Responder by Kraig Love

20131102_093819I think it was divine intervention where I was riding my motorcycle one day and happened to see the Oak Run First Responders having a meeting and just decided to stop by.  Next thing I knew I was on the department!  Very shortly thereafter I was convinced to take the First Responder class so I could become certified and render aid during EMS emergencies.  I ended up enjoying helping people so much I took a EMT-B course at my work in Peoria, and joined the EMS service at my office complex.  One thing about joining our volunteer service, you quickly meet and become friends with people who have a united interest in helping others. 

Sometimes it isn’t always easy, but helping to save someone’s life is definitely the ultimate experience in my option.  Just standing back and watching others on our team perform in trying times really shows God’s work through the hands of others.  It’s been several years since I started and I now have two beautiful daughters adding to my challenges in life.  They are already beginning to understand that when the tones go off, Dad is going out to help someone.  It makes me proud that they understand and hope it teaches them the benefits to volunteering and public service.  And of course, the kids love big red fire trucks!  This has been quite a fulfilling experience which I would recommend to anyone!

If you are interested in joining our team, either as an EMS First Responder or Fire Fighter, please contact any of the First Responders or attend one of our monthly meetings to get a better understanding of what we do (second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM)

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